Enrollment is a 5-step process to evaluate your eligibility.

  1. Step 1: Contact Immanuel Pathways Southwest Iowa

    When you contact our Immanuel Pathways center, our Enrollment Specialist will overview our program and services, eligibility requirements, and payment options (including private-pay and Medicaid/Medicare eligibility).

    We will also ask some questions about the challenges you or your loved one face and help you determine if PACE® is the right fit.

    Lastly, we will schedule an in-person initial visit, either at your home or the Immanuel Pathways center.

    Contact Immanuel Pathways

  2. Step 2: In-Person Visit

    Our enrollment specialist will meet with you and your loved one in person, at your home, or at our Immanuel Pathways center to discuss your needs further. We will complete the initial enrollment paperwork during this visit and apply for Medicaid for you if needed. We will then schedule additional assessments with other interdisciplinary team members (IDT), such as physicians, therapists, social workers, and others.

  3. IDT Evaluation

    Our interdisciplinary team will share the results of your assessments and create a personalized care plan that directly addresses your needs.

  4. Enrollment Overview Visit

    If approved to join Immanuel Pathways of Southwest Iowa as a participant in PACE®, our enrollment specialist will meet with you and your loved one for the final time. During this visit, they will review your care plan created by the IDT, review the services available, and execute all remaining enrollment paperwork.

  5. The start of your PACE® journey

    By national requirements, new Immanuel Pathways participants start their services on the first of each month.

Last updated on April 22, 2024

PACE® Enrollment

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