The Immanuel table

Our dining philosophy prioritizes residents and participants. We emphasize choice, quality, and consistency. We seek feedback to ensure everyone feels at home in our dining venues. Our communities offer diverse, nutritious meals, aiming for a social dining experience akin to a favorite restaurant outing with friends. 

Dining by the numbers

Immanuel has one of the biggest food operations in the area, serving thousands of meals per week. 2 million meals annually demands extensive expertise and coordination, meticulous planning, and preparation for each meal served throughout the year.


Menus written per year


Meals served per year


Immanuel culinary services per year. A typical restaurant hosts 737 services per year.

The Immanuel Culinary Cup

A culinary showdown like no other

Gather around food lovers and experience the grandeur of the Immanuel Culinary Cup. Immanuel isn't just about retirement living; it's about redefining dining experiences. Watch our chefs rise to the challenge in a 'Chopped' inspired battle, filmed to showcase our dedication to top-tier culinary arts.

An Immanuel chef talks with a group of seniors having dinner.

Quality benchmarks

Our commitment to quality extends beyond ingredient sourcing. It's reflected in our staff caliber, the meticulous attention to our dining spaces, and the small yet significant choices that demonstrate our attention to detail and care.

  • Working with best-in-class food vendors.
  • Using industry specialists to help meet the changing needs of our residents.
  • Investing the resources to achieve our high standards and expectations.

Extending our grace

From our thoughtful table settings to attentive service, we aim to foster and demonstrate respect carefully. Dignity underscores our approach to care and hospitality across all levels within the Immanuel family, guided by our core principles of Choice, Quality, and Dignity.

  • Our regularly rotating menus are of the same quality and variety in all service lines.
  • Recognizing individual needs requires individual responses, we strive to meet each resident where they are. 
  • Quality and dignity are woven together in this principle; so that residents receive quality dining throughout all levels of care within Immanuel. 
Several Immanuel culinary team members prepare desserts.

A plate of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Variety is a secret ingredient

Residents dine with us frequently, so choice is paramount. Our diverse menu and daily specials ensure ample options, helping accommodate various tastes and preferences. This approach keeps the dining experience fresh and engaging.

  • Daily entrees, desserts, and soup specials help keep a regular flow of favorites in rotation. 
  • Quarterly restaurant-style menus change with the season for added variety and flexibility.
  • Most meals require resident choice regarding vegetable or side options.  

Setting our own bar

While any retirement community should expect yearly visits from local health inspectors, Immanuel goes above and beyond.  Our home office support team visits every food service operation monthly. On these monthly visits, we include all the details an inspector would look for, along with our specific guidelines. 

When you put your trust in our culinary team, we work to keep it. 

Immanuel server sets down a plate of food for a female senior.

An Immanuel server sets down two plates of food for a senior couple.

Part of the community

Local high school-aged employees are a fixture in many of our dining rooms. We are happy to provide an initial workplace for many of these staff. The "Youth Server" philosophy is a good opportunity for our employees, but we feel it's also important for our residents. Providing a multi-generational atmosphere helps reflect our belief that each location is a community and a home.   

Special events

We present holiday and thematic special events alongside daily dining, offering special menus and themed meals. These experiences create a vibrant social atmosphere, fostering connections and engagement among community and family members alike.

A table of various dessert items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know more about dining with Immanuel

Curious about our dining services? From menu options to dietary accommodations, we've got you covered. Explore now for a taste of what awaits you.

We provide detailed nutritional information, including calories, carbs, protein, fat, and sodium for every menu item.

Yes, vegetarian options can be found on our menus.

Anything on the menus can be altered and made healthier. For example, if you want a hamburger and don't want a bun or fruit, you can. Our menus have a variety of healthy, customizable choices for independent living residents.

We work with your healthcare provider to ensure you have options that fit your prescribed dietary needs.

Residents with food allergies can communicate their needs with dining staff. While we can usually create dishes to fit a resident's allergy needs, please be advised that ingredients such as shellfish, gluten, flour, and peanuts are regularly used in our kitchens.

This varies by community and venue. For most venues, we rotate menus once a quarter. We also create special seasonal menus.

This varies by community and venue. Our primary dining venues offer a selection of 20-25 daily choices, ensuring a variety of options to cater to diverse preferences.