Our Mission

Christ-centered service to seniors, each other, and the community

Behind Immanuel's doors lies a story of faith, service, and an unwavering dedication to seniors. Since 1887, our deep-rooted commitment has been clear: meeting the needs of our communities through compassionate and innovative services. Our mission drives our every decision, ensuring dignity, safety, and wellness for all.

Who We Are

Defining retirement living and senior care with dedication and innovation

At Immanuel, we believe retirement living should feel like home — personal, secure, and enriching. Driven by our faith, we prioritize people over profits, striving to understand your aspirations and make them a reality in our welcoming communities. With our rich history and innovative approach, we set the standard for retirement living and senior care.






Seniors Served



Our Vision

Driven by purpose, not profit

We proudly provide a continuum of care options, ensuring everyone — from those seeking signature communities to those needing affordable housing — feels at home. We're anchored by our vision that all people will age with dignity, safety, and wellness. 

Elderly couple holding hands while reading the bible.


At Immanuel, dignity is at our core. It's more than respect and compassion; it's about transparency and empowering our residents. Every interaction and service values each person's worth. We actively listen, ensuring our care celebrates each individual's unique journey.

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Safety is our top priority. We create environments and practices that prioritize the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of our residents, ensuring peace of mind at all times.

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Wellness is central to our holistic focus. We nurture mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being, providing a complete experience of rejuvenation and fulfillment.


Pioneering the future of retirement living & senior care

Since 1887, Immanuel has adapted and innovated to meet community needs, evolving from an orphanage and nursing school to a leading provider of retirement living and senior care. We listen, understand, and innovate to meet the changing dynamics in Nebraska and Iowa. Today, we are a beacon of forward-thinking commitment, shaping the future to best serve our communities and centers.

  • Adaptive Evolution: Once a hospital and medical center, we reshaped our focus in 2012, recognizing that the future of healthcare was more than just hospital-centric.
  • Meeting Regional Needs: We identified the ever-growing necessity for quality retirement living and senior care in Nebraska and Iowa and realigned our mission to address this.
  • Diverse Offerings: From affordable housing and market-rate communities to PACE® programs, our range is as diverse as the needs of our seniors.
  • Leadership in Thought: Our proactive mindset ensures we remain at the forefront of retirement living and senior care innovations.
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Diversity & Inclusion

Embracing inclusion

Imagine a workplace where your individuality isn't just accepted but celebrated. Our dedication to inclusion is backed by educational workshops, employee surveys, and thoughtful policy evaluations. Here, you're not only recognized but are also encouraged to bring your distinct perspective to the forefront.

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Tracing our Legacy

Over a century of service

Immanuel stands as a beacon of care, hope, and community service. Our history is a tapestry woven with dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit to serve. Journey with us as we revisit the pivotal moments that have shaped our legacy and reinforced our mission.

1887 - 1920

The Beginning

Immanuel's efforts to serve all "without reference to creed, color or nationality" finds expression in a hospital, an orphanage, a home for seniors, a residence for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, and a Deaconess Institute to prepare young women to serve in all of them.

1920 - 1940

Early Days

Immanuel launches a nursing school and builds a modern hospital and leading-edge residence for seniors, as it helps to pioneer advances in anesthesia, occupational therapy, and other areas of care.

1940 - 1970


Immanuel's campus in North Omaha expands to over 20 buildings offering care across the lifespan; it launches specialized training for chaplains and continues to prepare deaconesses for service around the globe

1970 - 1995

The Immanuel Campus

New Immanuel Medical Center opens at 72nd & Sorensen; Immanuel Village opens as an independent living option for seniors; innovation and expansion continue.


The Founding of Alegent Health

Immanuel joins with Bergan Mercy Health System to form Alegent Health, a regional provider of healthcare and senior living.

1998 - 2011

The Development of Communities

Immanuel constructs several senior living communities, including Lakeside and Immanuel Courtyard in Omaha, The Landing in Lincoln, and Trinity Village and Courtyard in Papillion, and acquires Pacific Springs in Omaha.


A Change

Immanuel departs Alegent to focus exclusively on seniors.


Continued Growth Through Acquisitions

Immanuel launched PACE® in Omaha, later added sites in Council Bluffs and Des Moines, and acquired Arboretum in Omaha, Copper Shores and Deerfield in Des Moines, and Yankee Hill Village and Grand Lodge in Lincoln. The Immanuel Vision Foundation is created.


Who We Are Today

Immanuel has 18 independent living, assisted living, memory support, and long-term care communities across 11 campuses and three PACE® locations, serving 18 counties in Nebraska and 12 in Iowa. The Immanuel Vision Foundation grants over $3 million annually (over $20 million to date) to non-profit and church-related entities.