Who We Are

A commitment to action

Since our founding in 1887, we have been committed to serving and supporting the communities in which we operate. Whether providing innovative retirement living and senior care that meets the needs of the community or financially supporting local organizations, we are creating change. Our focus on Christ-centered service to seniors, each other, and the community has remained steadfast for over 135 years.

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Driven by a commitment to serve seniors, each other, and the community.

Grounded in our mission, we embody love, compassion, and selflessness in our work. Our team provides exceptional care to seniors, fostering spiritual well-being and connection. We extend this ethos to our residents, participants, team members, and the broader community. With Christ-centered values, we spread kindness and care across Nebraska and Iowa, enriching seniors' lives and fostering community.


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A focus on empowering change

Through the Immanuel Vision Foundation, we have awarded $20.1 million to organizations supporting seniors, community health, and the Lutheran Church since 2011.

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A leader in affordable housing

In 2023, our team completed the second phase of our Graceview Courtyard affordable community in Council Bluffs, Iowa. This 65-apartment addition to the existing Graceview campus increased our footprint in affordable housing to serve more than 353 lives across Nebraska and Iowa.

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Graceview Courtyard Phase II.

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Leading with innovation

In 2012, we sold our ownership of Alegent Creighton Health to focus on expanding our post-acute care services and growing our presence in retirement living and senior care. Since then, we've implemented PACE® programs in Nebraska and Iowa. We've expanded to over 20 communities in two states. Additionally, we've added new retirement living options such as neighborhoods for those aged 55 and older and affordable housing with healthcare coverage from third-party payers.

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Challenging perceptions of possible

Our commitment to seniors is dignity, safety, and wellness. Our teams across the organization continuously create and deploy programming opportunities and experiences to help our residents and participants challenge what they believe is possible.

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Celebrating all seniors

Every year, residents and participants from across our health and wellness continuum come together in Omaha to celebrate being part of the broader Immanuel community.

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Inspiring creativity

Our experience over more than 135 years has made our approach the standard of retirement living and senior care. From the programs we offer to the food we serve, our teams do more than meet the minimum — they challenge each other to perfect their craft and exceed expectations.

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Honoring the stories of seniors

We embrace a philosophy deeply rooted in honoring the rich tapestry of lives and experiences that seniors bring to our communities and centers. We believe that each senior carries a unique story, and we are committed to cherishing and celebrating these narratives.

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Stirring adventure

We believe that in retirement, adventures are just starting. Each year, a group of residents and staff travel to a new destination across the world on the Immanuel Explorers trip. From whale-watching cruises to exploring the Alamo, each minute is planned as our Immanuel family tours the world. This trip is a critical piece of our fabric, where residents and staff from across our communities join as explorers and lifelong learners. 

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Pioneering care

Over the last 135 years, we have been many things, including a nursing school, an orphanage, and a hospital. Across our history, Immanuel has been an innovative pioneer in the world of senior care, and moves to the areas of highest needs. In 2010, we brought PACE® to Iowa; in 2013, we expanded to Nebraska. Today, we are the sole provider of PACE® in Nebraska and only one of two in Iowa.

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A mission in action

Since 2011, the Immanuel Community Foundation has supported residents, participants, and employees at Immanuel who have outlived their resources or experienced unexpected life events. No one knows what the future holds. For residents and employees, the Immanuel Community Foundation is a helping hand in time of need.

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