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Leading with purpose

Our leadership principles serve as the guiding light for our team and embody a commitment to building great people, a healthy culture, a successful business, and solid relationships. Rooted in a foundation of respect and service, these principles empower our team to inspire others, foster collaboration, and make compassionate decisions. 

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Leadership Principles Infographic

Guiding with principle

Four principles are foundational to our commitment to excellence in leadership and our dedication to upholding Immanuel's mission of Christ-centered service to seniors, each other, and the community. They serve as guiding beacons within our organization, emphasizing respect, service, and compassion as we inspire, collaborate, and lead.

Business Builder

An Immanuel leader aligns with our vision to help all people grow and age with dignity and respect. Inviting diverse input, balancing the unique needs of those we serve, identifying strategic trends and risks, and considering capacity and resources, we build consensus and make inclusive decisions in a way that drives shared commitment, meaningful value, and desired outcomes. 

Culture Builder

An Immanuel leader translates vision into action by consistently sharing and modeling our mission and values with honesty, empathy, and a focus on the people we serve. We grow and learn together as we foster a culture of belonging through inclusive behaviors. 

Relationship Builder

An Immanuel leader builds relationships of mutual trust and respect, recognizing the power of sharing our stories to cultivate empathy, appreciation, and connection across similarities and differences. 

People Builder

We cultivate inclusive leaders by attracting, developing, and elevating diverse talent to ensure everyone thrives at Immanuel. An Immanuel leader prioritizes the growth of individuals and teams by establishing clear expectations and providing ongoing coaching and feedback, focusing on continuous development. 

An Immanuel wellness employee leads an exercise session on a patio.
An Immanuel retirement  living consultant talks with residents sitting at a table.
Pacific Springs employees gather for a group photo during a community event.

Our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion

Immanuel is committed to extending our Christ-centered mission beyond our walls. We prioritize diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in our workforce and community partnerships through innovative initiatives to foster a culture where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered.

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Why Immanuel?

Immanuel's communities and centers are highly rated, well-respected, and the most reputable in the Midwest — a lot of that has to do with the people who work within them. Our teams are comprised of individuals who have intentionally dedicated their lives to the service of seniors. Hear why they came to Immanuel and, more importantly, why they stayed.

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