Care Navigation

Care Navigation provides seamless health transitions

Immanuel’s Care Navigation program provides comprehensive support during health transitions. This includes various services aimed at assisting residents through hospital stays, recuperation, discharge planning, and beyond.

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Comprehensive support

The Care Navigation Program's skilled healthcare professionals are dedicated to supporting residents and their families throughout the entire health transition process. Some key services include:

  • Visits during hospital stays to provide support and assistance.
  • Regular meetings throughout the recuperation process to assess progress and address any concerns.
  • Assistance with discharge plans to ensure a smooth transition back to the community.
  • Continued support for 30 days post-discharge to monitor progress and address any ongoing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn more about how Immanuel is committed to supporting residents at every stage of retirement with innovative and personalized care solutions.

Enrollment in the Care Navigation Program is encouraged to prioritize peace of mind for residents and ensure they receive the necessary support and resources for a positive recovery experience.

Immanuel strives to provide innovative services that cater to the unique needs of residents across all stages of retirement, ensuring they receive comprehensive support and care.

The Care Navigation Program is a free service offered by Immanuel to support residents during health transitions, ensuring they receive personalized care and assistance throughout their journey.

  • Visits during hospital stays

  • Meetings throughout the recuperating experience

  • Support with discharge plans

  • Keeping families connected and informed

  • Assistance in understanding treatment

  • Guidance and support post-discharge

  • Education on self-management and new diagnosis

  • Preparation for follow-up with primary care physician

  • Continued support for 30 days post-discharge

Residents receive free care navigation support from skilled healthcare professionals dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition and positive recovery experience.

Residents can enroll in the Care Navigation Program by completing opt-in paperwork available at the community's front office. Immanuel staff will be notified upon hospitalization to initiate care navigation services promptly.