Retirement Living or Apartment Living?

Retirees are downsizing in droves. According to a recent study, 42% of seniors plan on downsizing at some point during their retirement to smaller homes, apartments, rentals and retirement communities that better fit their lifestyle.

Low-maintenance living is often the catalyst for making a move (goodbye lawn mower!), which makes apartment living a perfect fit. But general apartment complexes and retirement living (a.k.a. senior living) are two different things and vary on services, amenities and yes, cost. You may be wondering if retirement living is worth the costs. Here are the top ten amenities at retirement living communities you just can’t find in general apartment living. 

1. Senior neighbors
In apartment living, where walls are shared, it’s important to be on the same page as your neighbors. A great benefit of retirement living is you’re guaranteed to have neighbors in your season of life. That means no 3 a.m. college parties upstairs or newborns down the hall. Friendly faces in your season of life just minutes from your door is an amazing benefit of retirement living. 

2. Maintenance-free vs. maintenance-lite
General maintenance is a great benefit of both apartment life and retirement living, but often the details differ. Beyond grounds and general apartment upkeep, retirement living communities often provide housekeeping services, laundry services, and at Immanuel, even paid utilities and cable discounts. These aspects go a long way with budget and convenience. 

3. Security
If you’re concerned about security, senior living communities offer a lot of support. With onsite employees, you’ll have the peace of mind that your apartment is safe and secure during an extended trip to see the grandkids. That’s just not the case with general apartment complexes. 

4. Lifestyle changes
From the death of a spouse to health challenges, our retirement years are continuously evolving. At retirement communities, you’ll be surrounded by support at every life turn by neighbors who understand and neighbors who have been there. 

5. Onsite wellness experts
While many apartment complexes offer onsite pools and gyms, retirement living communities offer knowledgeable experts ready to lend a hand. At Immanuel, our senior wellness experts are even certified and help residents with managing chronic conditions or training and support in healthy aging. 

6. Onsite life enrichment
Life enrichment and social activities are one of the many benefits of retirement living, from golf and sports clubs to book clubs, Bible studies, lectures, onsite entertainment and more. 

7. Onsite restaurants and dining
Most retirement communities offer restaurants or dining options in the community. Apart from a vending machine, you’ll be hard-pressed to find that in a general apartment complex. Even if you love to cook, onsite dining options are convenient for those days you just don’t feel like turning on the stove or for new ways to connect with friends. 

8. Community 
Residents come together in retirement living communities to make the campus their own. At Immanuel, active Resident Advisory Councils allow residents to have a say in menu options, activities, even campus improvements. 

9. Planning for the future
Continuing health care support is one of the major reasons seniors are flocking to retirement living communities. With many care support services available onsite, seniors have the peace of mind that if a health condition requires more support, they won’t have to leave their home. 

10. Safety and wellbeing
Regular check-ins, infection control protocols, safety procedures and more put health and safety at the forefront retirement living residents. Programming is centered around thriving connection, social interaction, health and combatting senior loneliness. 

Downsizing means making sure your home works toward your retirement goals and not against them. And yes, the options are vast and vary based on amenities, services and price. When considering apartment living versus retirement living, make sure your choice supports your new lifestyle, retirement goals and provides a little peace of mind along the way. 

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