Immanuel’s Executive Training Program Reinvents Hands-On Training

Our Immanuel Difference begins with the people who are the heart of all we do, from the inspiring seniors we work with to our compassionate team members who know that this is more than just a job. 

With employees through 14 senior living communities, our corporate office and three Immanuel Pathways PACE® centers, our team is a big part of what makes Immanuel different. Honoring those who go above and beyond has been a main focus for our human resources team in creating amazing benefits and enriching programs that offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

One such benefit is Immanuel’s unique Executive Director In Training (EDIT) program that has been a cornerstone at Immanuel for employee development. The year-long program was created for employees who are looking to grow professionally into an executive director position at one of our communities or programs. Executive directors are the center hub of all activity for the programs they oversee. These individuals lead employees, build relationships with residents and participants, and at the same time, manage all the tiny details that keep our programs running smoothly. 

Over the course of a year, participants receive a hands-on, comprehensive orientation in all areas of our business in preparation for becoming an executive director. Participants spend extensive time with all our existing executive directors, home office leadership staff, and receive mentoring with an executive coach. Our graduates not only learn the ins and outs of being an executive director at Immanuel, but receive comprehensive training into leadership skills and styles of leadership which helps them to hone their own unique style. 

The collaborative nature of the EDIT program enables participants to develop close relationships with peer leaders whose knowledge and experience becomes a tool belt of support as they further their careers at Immanuel. The process not only creates great leaders, it creates unbelievable experience for the residents and participants we serve. 

Our Immanuel Difference starts with incredible employees. Graduates of the EDIT program have the backing, experience, advice and tools of all the executive directors they worked with through their program. And this means residents receive the benefits of decades of experience in a brand-new executive director. 

The EDIT program is just one of the many benefits of being an Immanuel employee. Our employment and benefit programs build a culture where every voice is heard, where employees are given the tools to be prepared in their work and at the same time, encouraged to grow and develop new passions. Because at the heart of it all, our people are what makes Immanuel different. 

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